How Big is a Dragon?

If you've ever wondered, here is a quick size reference and key: Fun Facts: Dragons may vary somewhat in size based on their family. On average the biggest dragons are from the family Yviorallana and the smallest from Zetal. Male dragons of all types are slightly smaller than their female counterparts and also possess sharper …

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Weird Dreams #7 – The Smoking Dream

This is not a story but a personal (and common) phenomenon within my dreams. I quit smoking in August 2016 after having smoked half a pack a day for my entire adult life (and having smoked irregularly for much of my teen life). It was a somewhat spontaneous decision but I have been successful so …

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Weird Dreams #6 – Step Families and Bees

A teenaged girl finds herself without a family and under the care of her step family. Unlike your typical Cinderella story though, this family wants nothing more to make their adopted daughter comfortable. Her step mother, step grandparents, and extended aunts and uncles all try to encourage her to play outside. After a while she …

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