Weird Dreams #12 – Endangered Dragon Protection Program

A hearing is held in Ilios (straight out of Overwatch) discussing a bill that supposedly protects dragons as an endangered species. Unbeknownst to the humans reading it, the bill is an attempt by the dragon queens Jyvora and Calipsa to try and control a group of dragon rebels. Corten from the Rebellion and an unnamed …

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Weird Dreams #11 – Overwatch is Real!

A man is having an unknown problem, something which would normally require help from authorities but they are no where to be found. Instead a group of people dresses as Overwatch characters Mercy, Soldier 76 and Mei spring to his rescue and save the day. Then they disappear. The man tries to tell the world …

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Weird Dreams #7 – The Smoking Dream

This is not a story but a personal (and common) phenomenon within my dreams. I quit smoking in August 2016 after having smoked half a pack a day for my entire adult life (and having smoked irregularly for much of my teen life). It was a somewhat spontaneous decision but I have been successful so …

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