How Big is a Dragon?

If you’ve ever wondered, here is a quick size reference and key:

dragonblessed size reference
Color – Classification (Family, if applicable)
Light Green – Infant Dragon
Black – (Unusually Tall) Human
Pink – Average Male Dragon (zer Trazhaer)
Dark Green – Average Female Dragon (ze Zetal)
Purple – Average Royal Female Dragon (ze Saera)
Gold – Queen Dragon (izha Yviorallana)

Fun Facts:

  • Dragons may vary somewhat in size based on their family. On average the biggest dragons are from the family Yviorallana and the smallest from Zetal.
  • Male dragons of all types are slightly smaller than their female counterparts and also possess sharper but pointier horns and claws.
  • Queen dragons and their chosen heiresses are the biggest dragons by far – a Zetal queen will still be bigger than the biggest non-queen Yviorallana.
  • The family names are taken from the first four dragon queens.
  • Along with the different in size, families also vary significantly in color, horn shape and size, existance of fur (exclusive to Saera and some Trazhaer), and wing type and size. For instance, Trazhaer and Yviorallana have wings protruding from the shoulder blades, whereas Zetal have wings connected at the arm. Saera on the other hand have no wings at all, but still possess the ability to fly using magic.
  • Each family has unique colors. Zetal can be black, green, or violet. Yviorallana can be white, gold, or red (red dragons are particularly rare). Trazhaer can be pink, silver, or a soft blue. Saera can be blue, purple, or rarely orange and often are a combination of the colors.

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